Monday, December 1, 2014

9 Months! (11.23.14)

My lil guy is growing up SO SO FAST! Where has this year gone? 9 months has been so much fun! We now have a scooter on our hands! He is FAST! He scoots around all over the place! Still not full on crawling, but he gets around! 
He tried turkey on Thanksgiving and enjoyed it! I need to start introducing new foods!

He has his 9 month check up this week.. I need to be sure and update those stats!

He laughs and smiles all the time.. and is babbling mama and dada a lot! It's so cute… altho he usually whines mama when he wants something!

He is sitting up really well now too.. doesn't topple over like he did before.. at least not often! 
He also loves to give kisses and throw toys and spoons off the table. 

We just finally transitioned him into his crib.. we are on night 3 tonight! It has been a little rocky, but he's doing alright! Hopefully in time we can all sleep better this way! Altho I do miss having him right next to me!!! I cried in the shower the first night he was in his own room.. I missed him! :)

He also LOVES puffs.. you know.. those cheerio type baby snacks. He still doesn't have teeth so I have to break them up or else he will shove them all in his mouth. He also has been drinking a little water mixed with apple juice which he enjoys.. altho he doesn't get much out of the cup -he's learning!

I love his kisses and snuggles.. I will always cherish every second with this lil miracle!!

Getting ready for the holiday season ahead!

Happy 1st Thanksgiving sweet baby Noah!!


Monday, October 27, 2014

8 Months! (10.23.14)

8 months old today!!

Time is flying by.. I can't believe 8 months ago I first held this lil pumpkin in my arms and became a mommy! It has been so amazing…

This past month he has officially started to sit on his own without assistance.. altho he will still topple over so it's nice to have pillows around to catch him! He is also getting stronger and is up on his arms on his tummy a lot more now. He used to always roll to his back when he played, but now he actually holds himself up on his elbows and will play that way! He scoots a little bit.. but mainly rolls to get around. He is a champion roller! No crawling yet.. but that's ok! He is getting close… sticking his lil bootay up and getting up on his knees bouncing about.. He is starting to figure it out!! Baby proofing here were come!!!

He has been babbling a lot.. ma-ma, da-da, na-na, etc! I love when he talks! He also "sings" when I sing "Shake it off" by Taylor swift and bounce him around he starts smiling and singing along haha.. it's so so cute.. 
He LOVES bouncing.. when I take him up or down the stairs he just lights up! He also LOVES his big stuffed bear animals.. he giggles and laughs with such delight when he sees them! He is still chewing on everything and drooling.. but no teeth!!

He's tried apple, pear, zucchini, and green beans.. and altho he isn't a green bean fan, I can mix them with anything sweet and he will eat them! He still LOVES to eat.. and eats a LOT!! 

He loves reading with Daddy every night.. he looks at all the pictures and grabs at the books.. 

He is on a 2 nap schedule.. and has been going to be around 7:30… much earlier than he originally was.. so that has been nice! Still up a few times throughout the night.. some nights better than others!

Overall he's a happy lil guy with some cranky bits! :-p

Friday, September 26, 2014

7 Months!! (9.23.14)

I can't believe he is growing SO fast.. I say this every month.. but it's TRUE! Where is the time going?!

I just was watching old videos of him and I can't believe how much he has changed in such a short period of time! He is such a blessing.. and I feel SO incredibly lucky to be his mommy!

OK! So this past month he has really grown! He had his 6 month check up and he is on track and things are all healthy and looking good. He can sit up now pretty well(still need to be there to support him in case he decides to topple over tho!) He is also rolling all over to get from one spot to the next. He will scoot sometimes.. but he prefers to roll! He LOVES sleeping on his side or tummy.. but would rather play on his back. He is really focusing on and examining his toys. Of course everything must go in the mouth! Still showing signs of teething... but the one tooth we saw is gone?! mystery! So no teeth yet.. but drooling and chewing A LOT!

He started solids!!!! He is such a good eater too.. It has been SO easy!

1st food: Butternut Squash -LOVE
2nd: Sweet Potato -LOVE
3rd: Avocado -HATE!!
4th: Carrots -LOVE
5th: Banana -LOVE *altho a little unsure of the texture!


It has been really fun making his baby food from scratch! I love watching his reaction to new foods.. he makes the cutest faces and noises! He gets very worked up and excited when it's time to eat!!!

He is full on babbling like craaaaaazy.. and also blowing raspberries and making farting noises haha.. It's so funny.. he has a lot to say! Mama baba nana! He is also laughing and smiling at silly faces and LOVES to be tickled.. he is SOOOO ticklish! It's adorable.. I can't get sick of that little laugh! It is sooo contagious!

Still sleeping the same.. up every 2-3 hours.. but he's on a 2 nap schedule.. with one later cat nap when we take our family walk. Some days he is such a good napper and other days he fights it! Babies are so inconsistent and unpredictable! :)

He is really growing WAY too fast.. It makes me excited and sad all at the same time! I love love LOVE this little cutie pie!

Monday, August 25, 2014

6 Months Old! 1/2 a year! 08.23.14

1/2 a year old! I can't believe how fast he is growing up!
I gotta say though, I am looooving this age.. he is so cute and fun!

The past month he has really mastered rolling all over the place! He will also scoot and roll to get around on the floor or to get to certain toys that he wants. He also will look at his binkie now.. grab it.. and successfully put it in his mouth! Sometimes he still puts it in backwards haha and he will chew away on it. Speaking of chewing.. he is teething like crazy! He had a tooth pop out a couple weeks ago, but now the gums are hiding it! I'm sure teeth will be coming in soon! He LOVES the frozen teething ring and will hold it himself.. it's too cute!

He loves when you say "boing" and hop his toys up and down and make them fly around..
I also distract him by singing a pretty snazzy version of the ABCs.. he will learn those quickly!
He is getting really good at standing and sitting up (with support of course!)
He loves jumping in his jumper and we all still go on a nightly walk to the park.. he loves watching our dog bella run around and do tricks.. sometimes he will start cracking up!

I've started FINALLY putting him on a stricter schedule.. We are trying the sleep eat play.. and so far so good! I have read his signals when it came to naps etc.. and we had a loose schedule, but now we are trying to really get more of a real schedule going in hopes that it will help him sleep better at night.

Yeeeahhhh still not sleeping through the night.. I used to feed him throughout the night whenever he wanted.. and now we are doing night feedings every 3+ hours. He has been fine with the change.. but he keeps rolling over and knocking out his binkie which wakes him up. It's so hard for him to get back down.. he gets himself all worked up! It's getting a little better each night, but not much sleep for me! I know that one day I will sleep again.. right? :-p It was so much worse.. he was up every hour for a few weeks.. Every 3 hours is much much better... we are getting there.. just takes time!

We also started SOLIDS! We started at exactly 6 months.. and made him butternut squash. We held up a squash and a sweet potato and let him pick. He reached for the squash.. decision made! It was SO easy to make baby food.. and I am so excited to make all different types! He was such a good lil eater too! He was reaching for the spoon and most all the food actually made it in his mouth hah. We are starting off small.. just once a day (2 table spoons) and we will up it from there!

OH and how could I forget??!!! He said MAMA! hah.. I don't think he knows what he is saying haha but I still love to hear it :) He also will babble na na.. those are his two favorites at the moment!

Thursday, July 24, 2014

5 months old! (7.23.14)

Noah is 5 months old! What?!

I can't believe he's almost 1/2 a year old! This month has been an exciting one!

He rolled over finallllllly from his back to his tummy! He has been close for awhile, but his arm kept getting in the way! @ 5 months exactly he rolled! 3 times that day!

He has been enjoying his bouncer that a dear friend gave us... altho he still barely touches the floor with his toes! His head control is much much better.. so he plays around with all the toys and enjoys sitting up!

He naps 2-3 times a day and still isn't sleeping great (some weeks are better than others, but the past week he has been up every 1-2 hours!) I think he is still teething and maybe there are some growing pains waking him up too... he wakes himself up by kicking around in bed. He is waaay too strong to be swaddled and he never liked it, so I am hoping he gets used to putting himself back to sleep soon... mommy is TIRED! Buuuut I know everything is just a phase and one day we will both sleep through the night :) The transition to the pack n play was better than I thought it would be... but still not easy! He sleeps SO much better all snuggled up in the rocker, but I know he's just too big for that now and he has to learn how to sleep in his crib... It means less sleep for mommy but I know it's best for him!

All 3 of us were sick last week with a nasty summer cold, luckily that's over! He had a bad cough but was still in good spirits! I hate when he's sick tho :( I'd give anything to make him feel better faster!

He is still soooo happy and smiles and giggles all the time! This past month we went on another airplane ride to visit friends in New Mexico and he did really well! :)

He's also loving toys finally! He really grabs at them and of course is always putting everything in his mouth hah!

We also took him to the beach for the 1st time and put his feet in the ocean. He was tired, cranky, and coming down with that cold.. so he was pretty much not feeling it haha but it was still adorable and a lot of fun!

It has been a fun month! Just loving this lil dude and trying to cherish each moment!


Saturday, July 19, 2014

4 months old! (6.23.14)

4 months old!!!

Another month has passed and Noah is just changing so so much!

This past month he is still obsessed with his hands.. wants them in his mouth at all times! He is pretty good at finding his thumb and the past few days he has really been sucking on it. He's also drooling a toooon... and may be starting to teethe!

He is really holding his head up now and "talking" like craaaaaaaazy! Today he has been going on and on! It's so so cute.. I love all the little sounds he makes! He has a lot to say.. wish I knew what he was saying (but soon enough I know I will!)

He's almost out of his rock n play sleeper.. We are going to transition him to the pack-n-play this week! I'm still not ready for him to be in his crib since he isn't sleeping through the whole night. It's a lot easier having him right next to me for the middle of the night feedings. Plus let's be honest, I want him close to me too! He's only this small for so long! I am trying to enjoy every moment but it's already going by way too fast!

He's like a little person now and starting to have this lil personality... he's so cute!

Father's Day was fun! Since it was my husbands first I tried to make it special and wrote him a book about our lil family. We went to lunch with my Dad and family.. and then just had a family dinner with the 3 of us that evening. It was relaxing and fun! I think my husband had a good time with his lil boy! :)

Overall he has been a happy baby.. but he does have his freakout fits!!! He usually fights sleep.. why why why! as my husband jokes.. it's just not logical! :) He is waking up 1-2 times over the course of the night.. so not bad... I plan to put him on a better napping schedule to see if that helps!

He's just so smiley and sweet and we love him SO SO SO much!
Happy 4 months my sweet baby boy!

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

3 months old! (5.23.14)

3 months?! He's really growing and changing sooo quickly!

This month he has been OBSESSED with his hands. They are always in his mouth and he is always drooling all over the place! It's kinda cute to just see the bubbles and bubbles that form at his mouth hah. He is smiling all the time and actually laughing! He normally will giggle.. but sometimes we can get a good laugh outta him! He loves when I bark at him and when daddy turns away and then at him and says "what's goin on?!" He will just smile and laugh! He does get scared sometimes tho.. and will make the cutest pouty face! Sometimes when he is sleeping and hears a bark or a loud noise it will startle him and he will start to scream! 

He can see soooo much better now and really follows objects with his eyes. He is studying everything and loves to smile at mommy and himself in the mirror. He is also starting to really hold his head up on his own now. Every now and then he will lose control and plop it against your chest... but for the most part he is actually holding it up now! He also loves to sit up with you on your lap (such a big boy!)

Cloth diapering is going well! We have been using disposables when traveling... but love cloth! They are harder to get clean smelling tho since we have the hardest water.. but I am experimenting with different things!

We flew on an airplane to visit my in-laws and Noah did great! He basically slept the whole time! It sure is a lot harder flying with a baby tho... all the stuff!!!!

He is cooing a lot more too.. and really trying to talk! It's so so cute.. he makes the sweetest lil sounds! 

He is also grabbing the toys now on his play mat! He will grab a ring and hold on tightly.. and just swing the toy around. Today he even brought the toy to his mouth and started to chew on it! 

He tends to be super happy in the mornings and then will get very cranky and fussy in the evenings... but usually walking around outside will help to calm him down!

He also still LOVES bathtime.. I mean LOVES it!!!!!! It's so fun to watch him now kick and splash around a bit! He loves the warm water :) 

I love love LOVE him so much! He is the cutest and sweetest! :) Trying to enjoy each moment.. I know I will blink and one day he will be off to college! 

I really love seeing him grow and learn and do new things.. I'm excited for the future.. but at the same time want him to stay my sweet lil baby forever.. I'm sure that's a normal feeling :)

Some pics from the big month 3!

Loving his Grandma!

Such a cutie pie!

Grabbing his toy and bringing it to his mouth! yum?!

SO in LOVE with this handsome lil guy!!!!
Happy 3 months Noah!

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

First Mother's Day! 11 Weeks old! 5.11.14

Happy Mother's Day to all the wonderful mommies out there!

I had the most amazingly perfect day and I feel so lucky to finally be a mommy and celebrate my 1st mother's day with my lil baby!

My husband was pretty amazing and took diaper patrol all day... let me sleep in a bit... and spoiled me in so many ways! I got this adorable mom necklace that I had been wanting, a spa gift card, and a beautiful orchid (my favorite!) These were all such sweet gifts, but my favorite was the card that he and Noah made for me :) It was so adorable and creative and he even used Noah's hand to write out some pretty sweet things! I am so so sooooo lucky!

We ended up going out to breakfast (just the 3 of us) which was really fun! My sister came up to visit later in the day and we went and got pedicures, did some shopping, and enjoyed dinner and fro-yo (my FAV!) The night was spent snuggling baby and watching Disney movies. It was just perfect! Such a relaxing and fun day! It was really nice to get a little "me" pampering time and also get to spend time smiling and snuggling with my lil guy!

Feeling so lucky and loved and never will forget how great today was! Being a new mom has been so exciting and I feel so blessed to finally be a mom! It was quite a journey to get here... but so worth the wait! Love love LOVE being his mommy!!!

Woke up to this smiling face on Mother's Day morning!

LOVE him more!!


Wednesday, April 30, 2014

2 months old! (4.23.14)

I can't believe another month has passed! 2 months!!!

He has grown and changed so much! He is SMILING all the time now! Especially when he is on his changing table.. he just will look up at you and smile away! He also smiles a lot in his little rock n play sleeper! It's so fun to smile and talk to him and have him smile back.. sometimes even giggle! That has been one of the cutest milestones this past month.. he is starting to laugh! I have only caught him a couple times.. once when I was singing a song I made up about buttons.. yeah.. hah. But it was sooooo adorable! He really is getting a little personality now!

He looks at things so much more now! He realllllly focuses on all the details and seems to be studying your face when he looks at you. He loves looking at the pictures that we have throughout the house. It helps calm him down to just walk around the house looking at everything! He also will turn his head and look at you if he hears you talking. He's just soooo much more alert now! He barely sleeps during the day!!

Speaking of sleep.. he sleeps soooo much better at night! He even has slept up to 6 hours at once!!! Normally it's about 5.. but 5 or 6 is great! It has really helped mommy :)

He just got his 2 month shots on Monday :( poor lil guy! It has disrupted his sleep a little bit.. and he has had a fever/been more fussy... but it's been 2 days now and I can tell he is doing much better!

Week 6-8 were TOUGH! He was a fussy lil guy!! I really hope that was just a "phase"... He has gotten a little better, but he had a cold around week 8 so that didn't help things! Luckily it was just a tiny bug and no fever... he just sounded very congested and had a tiny cough when he cried.

He is getting stronger! Starting to "stand" when you hold him up. He's also lifting his head around like crazy!

He also LOVES bath time! I MEAN LOVES!!!! He smiles and just lights up! We both look forward to that time of the night :)

I also just looooove the times when we "talk" to one another.. and smile back and forth. The little coos he makes are the sweetest little sounds... and his smiles just melt my heart! I love him so so much!

A part of me can't wait til he gets older.. while the other part of me wishes he would stay this small and precious for forever! Just trying to cherish these moments while they are here and look forward to future milestones!

Doc Apt Stats:
Weight - 12.8lbs
Height: 23.5 inches

Doc said he is looking very happy and healthy and is right on track!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

5 Weeks Old! (3.30.14)

5 weeks! He is getting so big! He's over 10 lbs! I know that is still "small"... but he is just growing and growing before my eyes! I love when he tries to make "coo" noises.. he is really trying to communicate! It is beyond adorable! I love this lil guy SO much.. even if he does keep me up all night sometimes :0p... so WORTH IT!

He is doing great! :) He has been a little fussier this week.. I think it's gas! Oh how fun to be a baby right?! BUT he also gave me his first "social" non-gassy smile this week! @ least I think it was :) (on 3/28) I had been making funny faces at him and he was very alert and watching me closely.. all of a sudden cracked open the biiiiigest smile :) It melted my heart!!!!!

I don't think I will post evvvvvvery week, but definitely every month and I also want to try and document any big milestones on here too :)


Just loving this lil guy!! 

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

4 Weeks! ONE month old!!! (3.23.14)


WOW. Time does fly by!

I can't believe my lil newborn is officially ONE month old! He's growing so much and soooo fast! It's been so much fun seeing him change day to day.. and I just fall more and more in love with him!

Highlight: He has ROLLED OVER!!! At about 3 1/2 weeks I had him on his tummy for "tummy time" on his play mat. Within minutes he rolled onto his back! I thought it was just a random accident at first.. so I put him on his stomach again.. sure enough he did it several more times! He has done it since too! Maybe he is just advanced ;) our lil genius baby... It was so special tho! I am SO glad I captured it on video! (lucky!)

He also has started to mimic faces that you make at him! He will stick his tounge out, open his eyes wide, make a "kiss face"... it's so fun! He doesn't do it all the time.. but when he is real focused and alert he will! It's so cute :)

We also took our first road trip to visit my family... It was SO nice to see them and visit with some friends. It was exciting to introduce him to everyone :)
I was pretty nervous driving on the freeway with him in the back, but we made it!!

He has been a better baby.. crying less (altho he is screaming at this moment of course!).. and letting us get a little more sleep!! He is SO much more alert and I love talking to him and just staring into his deep blue eyes!

It's been an amazing month! We looooove him so much and are trying to really enjoy every second!

PS -His doc apt went really well last week! He was looking very healthy!
8lbs 12oz, 20.8 inches long! (3/17/14)


Sunday, March 16, 2014

3 Weeks Old! (03.16.14)

I can't believe my little baby is 3 weeks old today! These days are flying by!!! I am trying to enjoy each and every moment because I know they grow up so fast.. he already has grown and changed a lot since day 1!

He has a pediatrician appointment tomorrow morning so hopefully everything is looking good and he is healthy and growing! I really wanted my husband to make it to the 1st appointment, but sadly his 3 weeks of paternity leave are over and his first day back and work will be tomorrow :(... I can't believe he finally has to go back to work! These weeks having him here have been so helpful.. we will miss him so much while he's at work!!! We will adjust tho and be just fine :)

He has been eating A LOT lately.. it seems like he is never happy unless he's eating... growth spurt? I'm just trying to keep him content and keep the crying to a minimum! It's not as "hard" as it was the first week... when he would just cry and cry and nothing seemed to soothe him. I feel like we are learning his patterns and behaviors a little better.. and figuring him out! There are still moments where he will kick and punch and cry and look so unhappy, but with another feeding or changing or rocking he usually will calm down or fall asleep.

He has also been alert much more during the day. He will look around with his deep blue eyes (they may change I know!).. and make the cutest sounds as he wiggles and squirms about!

I also love the funny little "duck face" he makes after he finishes feeding. I pick him up to burp him and he makes this adorable lil face each time.. kissy face! It's the cutest thing in the world..

Kick kick kick squirm squirm squirm... little Noah is a worm! (just a random song I sing as he wiggles about! haha)

We also did a mini photoshoot this week with him! We decided to take our own photos since we got newborn shots taken at the hospital. I think some of them turned out really cute.. I'll put some below. You definitely need a lot of patience and time to take baby photos!!!

How is mommy?! I'm doing so much better. I feel almost totally back to normal! I am still tiiiiiiired... but thats to be expected! I love my lil baby for letting me get some 3 hour chunks of sleep! Those are the beeeest!!! :) I know it will get better and better!

I still can't believe we have a baby! What?!? and that he is almost 1 month old!!! It is SO hard for me to believe that a year ago we were still trying so hard to get pregnant.. and now he is HERE! I just love him so so soooo much.. he really is my everything and I feel so so lucky to be his mommy :)

Here are some photos from the past week..

Snuggles w/Mommy!

Going on a walk!!

Sun Bathing!

Scrabble Baby!!

Love how his hand wrapped around my thumb.... not how the photo was planned, but it makes it more special :)

I'll love you forever book..

Daddy loves his lil feet!

Stretch! Blankie time!

Resting in the shade..

Looking around in his swing!


Tuesday, March 11, 2014

2 Weeks Old! (03.09.14)

Today is March 11th, 2014.. which was his "Due Date"... crazy to think he has been here a little over 2 weeks now! I know due dates are just estimates anyway, but I am so glad we got to meet him a little early and that he is happy and healthy!

This week he has really gotten stronger! He is lifting his head around more and spends more time with his eyes open looking around. His eyes are still changing.. some days they look very deep blue, while other days they appear to be more brown!

He also has learned how to get his mittens off!! He will scratch up his face if he doesn't wear them. We tried to file his nails down, but couldn't get them short enough apparently! We will have to try and use the nail clippers next time..

He still spends most of the day sleeping and eating... while he's a bit more "wild" at night. Some nights are harder than others. I think he has his days and nights mixed up tho!!

His umbilical cord stump fell off at day 7!

We took him on his first walk to the park, which was really fun! We have been trying to go every day to get some exercise and fresh air as a lil family :)

We also gave him a soothie for the first time this week to help him soothe himself. I know that many recommended to wait 4 weeks if breastfeeding, but so far we have had no problems or confusions and it has really helped him calm down at times where he just wanted to suck on something!!

Still so so SO in love.. taking lots of pics and videos!!!

Looking around @ the world!

Sleeping on Mommy!

Ole ole ole OLE!

Sweet Dreamin!

Our first walk!!!

Snuggled up in the stroller!

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Nursery Tour!

Baby Noah is here... and I was filming the nursery tour the day before I ended up being induced, so I will need to work a bit more on that video (stay turned for that on my YouTube Channel -QponFairy), but I did want to upload some photos of how it all turned out!

Here it is...

We love how it turned out! :)
Hope he loves it too!