Monday, December 30, 2013

29 and 30 Weeks!!! (12.31.13)

Tomorrow I will be 30 WEEKS! I have been so busy with the holidays and I can't seem to knock this annoying cold! Grrr! I thought it was almost gone and now my throat is SO sore again! Sigh! Can I just feel healthy again please!?

The past couple weeks symptom wise have been more of the same. I am just really getting uncomfy and sore! It's getting hard to get up, sit down, and especially roll over from side to side when I am sleeping. I feel like I am all bruised up! I know this is all going to get worse... still 10 more weeks to go!

Lil baby Noah is breech right now.. his head is up by my ribs and he decided to give me a few good punches last night so I am a tad sore there too! It's the low kicks that really get me tho! I still love feeling him move tho, so I really can't complain tooooo much :)

We had our 3-D ultrasound at the very end of week 28.. and wow! I am so amazed by what they can see!! He is SOOOOOO cute! Of course I will think this.. but really... he is :)
Such a lil button nose and his little lips! I love love love him so much! I can't wait to meet him!

I'll put a few pics in @ the end! It was hard to get good pics because he was using the placenta as a pillow... AND he was all curled up like a taco! My little rollie-pollie! His feet were up near his face and he even had his fingers and toes in his mouth at the same time! He gave us a few yawns and stretches, but always would go back to his same cozy position! It was amazing to see him... I had the biggest smile on my face the entire ultrasound! I love having the photos and video to watch over and over! It is something I will 4ever cherish! Best Christmas gift EVER!

I heard from my doctor and he is measuring just fine! 59% for weight.. she said he is right on track! I have another appointment tomo, so we will see what else she says!

We start all our baby and birthing classes in January! We are booked basically every weekend with one class or another! I'm excited tho! Eager to learn :)

Hmmm.. Oh yes! We also had our maternity photo shoot! We went to the gardens where we got married and did the photos there! One of my best friends from elementary school is a photographer and she took them for us. I've seen a few so far and LOVE them! :)
Here is one from our 4-D Scan! His sweet lil face.. and there's his foot @ the bottom! 

Getting bigger and bigger by the second!!!

Monday, December 16, 2013

28 Weeks! (12.17.13)

And another week down! Today I actually have my growth scan, which I will update about! I am praying that he is looking good and maybe not measuring SOOOO big! Guess we will see... not much I can really do! I just need to focus on being healthy and hanging in there!

Unfortunately a few days ago I started coming down with a cold. I was just feeling "off" on Friday and pretty much slept all day and just lounged around. I felt like I was back in the 1st trimester! Then the sore throat started and the runny nose and BAM.. sick :*(

Now its a headache, stuffy nose, and pretty nasty rough cough. I just pray it passes in the next few days before the holiday fun really begins! It is never fun to be sick, but its 10000X worse when your pregnant too! Bleeeeh! I am just going to try and rest and drink lots of fluids and if it doesn't get better I can see the Doc. 

Exciting news... we are going to get a 4-D ultrasound this FRIDAY! :) I will be well into week 28... and I think she recommended 25-33? Something around that range anyway! We decided to get one done because they are having a holiday special at this ultrasound facility and I really want my husband to get to see the baby in this type of setting. I think 3-D photos can be crazy looking sometimes, but I think it will still be neat to just get a peek and get another chance to see him moving around in there! My husband has been to 2 ultrasounds with me (NT scan and the Anatomy scan), but it was so hard to see the screen and they were really quick! When I went to the elective ultrasound place to determine the gender I had such a positive experience and I really wanted us to share that again together. So, for a x-mas gift to one another we decided to go in and take a 4-D peek at our baby boy one time before we will meet him in March! I'm excited! It's so relaxing... a huge screen... lot's of photos and even a video to take home... can't wait! We figured it would be fun to share the video/pics with family for the holidays too, so that's the plan!

Baby has been mooooooooving and dancing! Yesterday it was off and on ALL day! My husband also saw the movement from the outside yesterday. "Woah, it's like a spasm!" hah. I've seen this little tummy jolts for weeks now, but its hard to catch them sometimes. Whenever he starts up, I get my camera out and he stops. I swear he knows I am filming!! Stubborn lil guy :) I also have experienced the full on rolling feeling more now.. I can really differentiate between kicks/jabs and full on body movement! Everything has just gotten stronger!

Guess I'll leave this week there.. but I'll include a few photos below! :)

Penny and the belly bump! She has been very snuggly lately.. prob due to the cold :)

Bump! 3 months to go!!

Ultrasound went well... of course the tech couldn't tell me anything, but I did get a couple new cute pics! It was nice to see him again :)

Little Face!

High Five!!!!! :)

Monday, December 9, 2013

27 Weeks! (12.9.13)

Tomorrow I am officially 27 WEEKS! Hello 3rd.. yes THIRD trimester! WOW!

I had a checkup last Thursday at 26 weeks and everything was looking good. Doctor said his heart ultrasound rescans came back normal and that everything looked good (phew!). She went to measure him and sure enough... still measuring BIG.. I did ask this time and she said 30 weeks. Now it could be his position... he could be a big boy... or could be gestational diabetes. I of course was worried about option #3 and she had me do my 1 hour glucose test that morning. I've had a "high risk" pregnancy due to my slightly higher blood pressure and she told me normally they worry about a smaller baby with the higher bp, but apparently this is not the case in this situation!

I got my results later that evening.. and I PASSED! YAY! I think my level was 88 and you need under 130? I was shocked. I have another ultrasound in a week to check his growth, but he's sounding big.. or  again could just be laying in a weird way. We will see!

I had heard the glucose drink was so gross... so I was nervous, but you know in my opinion it really wasn't bad. I had the fruit punch flavor and it just tasted like a thicker more syrupy version of fruit punch. It didn't make me feel sick at all... but baby sure was on a sugar high most of the day and was kicking up a storm!

I can't believe in 3 months he will be here! I can't believe I am in the 3rd trimester. I know things will likely slow down the closer I get, but I am still so so excited :)

I also think I picked out what I am going to wear for my maternity photos!

I found this adorable top from Ross (made by Sassy Maternity?) 
I think I am going to pair it with a black tie instead of the paler pink that it comes with... since I am having a boy. But I love the way it fits and I thought it would be cute and casual with black leggings and black cozy boots. I originally thought I wanted to wear a dress, but it will be colder and I just love how it looks on! Hopefully it will still fit the same in a few more weeks! 

Guess that's all to update on for now! Hoping that the last 1/3 of this pregnancy goes by smoothly! XOXO

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

26 Weeks! (12.5.13)

Last week of the 2nd Trimester! CrAAAAzy!

It is so hard for me to believe that it is December and only a few more months and our little miracle will be here! I can only pray and hope that everything continues to go smoothly as it has the past 6 months.

I have another appointment with the doctor tomorrow, so I will update any details from that... I have my glucose test :-/... super nervous about it too. I'm nervous that this sweet drink is going to be as gross as I read about haha. I'm more nervous that I won't pass tho :(... So fingers crossed! It will be interesting to see if he is still measuring "big" tomorrow. I didn't ask how big last time for some reason... so I will be sure to tomorrow. My mom told me that my sister and I had both measured big at checkups, so that calmed my nerves a little. I just hope he is healthy and doing well in there!

Penny, our cat, was sleeping on my belly...using my stomach as a pillow and he started to kick. She felt it, but wasn't too startled, but opened her eyes a bit like she was annoyed hah. She NEVER sleeps in my lap and I'd love to think it was because of the baby, but I know its just because it has been so COLD lately. Ok ok... cold for here... not really cold at all haha.

I'll update more tomorrow if I have any news. Hoping all goes well as always!!