Monday, December 1, 2014

9 Months! (11.23.14)

My lil guy is growing up SO SO FAST! Where has this year gone? 9 months has been so much fun! We now have a scooter on our hands! He is FAST! He scoots around all over the place! Still not full on crawling, but he gets around! 
He tried turkey on Thanksgiving and enjoyed it! I need to start introducing new foods!

He has his 9 month check up this week.. I need to be sure and update those stats!

He laughs and smiles all the time.. and is babbling mama and dada a lot! It's so cute… altho he usually whines mama when he wants something!

He is sitting up really well now too.. doesn't topple over like he did before.. at least not often! 
He also loves to give kisses and throw toys and spoons off the table. 

We just finally transitioned him into his crib.. we are on night 3 tonight! It has been a little rocky, but he's doing alright! Hopefully in time we can all sleep better this way! Altho I do miss having him right next to me!!! I cried in the shower the first night he was in his own room.. I missed him! :)

He also LOVES puffs.. you know.. those cheerio type baby snacks. He still doesn't have teeth so I have to break them up or else he will shove them all in his mouth. He also has been drinking a little water mixed with apple juice which he enjoys.. altho he doesn't get much out of the cup -he's learning!

I love his kisses and snuggles.. I will always cherish every second with this lil miracle!!

Getting ready for the holiday season ahead!

Happy 1st Thanksgiving sweet baby Noah!!


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