Friday, January 31, 2014

34 Weeks Pregnant! (1.28.14)

24 weeks! 6 more to go! CRAZY! I thought it would slow down this final trimester but it has really flown by! (I'm sure the last few weeks will be the slowest tho haha)

Not much to report in terms of symptoms.. more of the same! Braxton Hicks contractions have become more uncomfortable -they take my breath away! I've been feeling tiiiiired and sore and just BIG!

There is some GOOD news this week.. baby Noah is no longer BREECH! He is head down! :) I was shocked! week 34 was the magical week I guess! I have been noticing a lot more movement but I didn't think he turned! I know there is still plenty of time for him to turn again, but I have my fingers crossed he will stay head down! It's reassuring to know he can at least get into the right position :)

I started NST (non stress testing) this week, where they check amniotic fluid (which was good) and also monitor the baby and me (heart rates, movement, etc.) It was a little nerve wracking at first because I didn't know what to expect being all hooked up (pulse, blood pressure, and 2 machines on my belly), but it's easy. I go in twice a week to be monitored and I have to push a button every time I feel him move. It's fascinating to hear his lil heart beat going and getting faster with each movement I feel! So far everything has been looking great! Hoping it stays this way! My blood pressure has also been good, which is a relief!! That was the main reason I am in all this high risk testing... just in case! It's reassuring to me to know he is doing well, so I can't complain about the extra trips to see the doctor! 

I have another growth ultrasound scheduled for Feb 10th and my 36 week check up with my doctor on the 12th so she can review the results with me! Til them just more NST (2x a week)

His nursery is ALMOST done! I just want to organize and set up a couple more things and then I will have some photos and a tour that I will likely post on my YouTube channel. 

I also had my baby shower this past weekend and it was AMAZING! I will write up a separate post and include some pictures!

Friday, January 24, 2014

33 Weeks! (1.21.14)

I am having a lot more trouble sleeping.. guess I should start to get used to that right?! haha...

Nothing too new this week other than the usual... I am so ready for him to be here at this point! Some of my friends who are also pregnant have been having their babies or will very soon and I am so jealous! I wish he was here too... but at the same time I hope he waits a few more weeks and gets stronger and bigger in the meantime :)

My last growth scan showed his weight was approx 4.321 lbs (I know these are rough estimates, but I thought it was a fun number hah).. and this was at roughly 32 weeks making him in the 46th percentile for his size? So he is right on track and looking good according to the doctor! He is still BREECH tho! Ahhhhh! stubborn lil baby! I wish he'd turn! I keep looking up spinning babies tricks to try and my cousin gave me some great tips too (she's a doula).. but no luck yet! I know there is still some time, and I am not really worrying about it too much, just still hoping he will finally turn! 

My baby shower is this weekend! I am SO excited :) I had dreams that no one showed up and that my sister only served flan (which sorry, but I hate) haha.. I have a feeling it won't be quite the same!
My sister and mom are throwing it, which I couldn't be more thankful for! I know it will be so special! I  also am grateful that it will be 75 degrees and beautiful! Apparently next weekend it is supposed to rain, so this weekend is really going to be perfect! I'll be sure to do a shower update and put some pics :)

I wanted to help as much as I could, so they had me get the invitations and make prizes/favors. I had so much fun putting everything together! I can't wait til my little sister gets married and has babies so I can return the favor and throw her all these fun parties :). I don't know what it is, but I just love love love the details and the themes and just making everything cute!

I have 3 doctor's appointments next week so I'm sure I will have more to update then! Due to higher blood pressure my doctor has ordered non-stress tests just to keep an eye on things! Dang this baby is going crazy right now! Sometimes he really is having a party in there!!! 

I'm going to post a baby shower update and then a nursery tour most likely next week too! Just a few more weeks and I want to try and have everything as ready as it can be :)

Here are a few shots from our maternity photo shoot! I love my friend and how amazingly talented she is!!! We went to our wedding venue to have them taken and it was so special to capture these moments there!

We love lil Noah so much already! I never imagined how much joy this pregnancy would bring us!

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

32 Weeks! (1.14.14)

Had another check up today... everything was looking good! He was measuring 34 weeks with the tape measurement, but I have another growth ultrasound scheduled for Thursday just to keep an eye on his progress! Last time he was right on track, so you never know I guess!

Not a ton to report.. slower week, but I hope to get up some pics soon of the shower favors! I spent a lot of time on them today and I think they are going to turn our really cute! I love little crafty projects like this :)

I also received a few more cloth diapers that I ordered in the mail today! Always exciting! I think we are up to 11 diapers now.. I want to try and get at least 24, so we still have more to get, but making progress! Excited to use them! They are so cute! :)


Sunday, January 12, 2014

31 Weeks! (1.7.14)

Another week down! Nothing too new this week.. we did have our first baby class this weekend at the hospital. This class is an express 6 hour class and Saturday was day 1 of 2. We basically learned all about breast feeding and a little bit on infant care. Since this will be our first baby and we really don't have much baby experience we figured it was important to do these classes and get educated!

I've also been noticing braxton hicks contractions more lately. Now I know what they are! I've had them past weeks but didn't really realize what they were til now if that makes any sense. It's so weird to feel my whole stomach tighten up! I always get nervous it is preterm labor, but there is never pain... just sort of uncomfortable... and they are very random.

I can't believe my baby shower is 2 weeks from today! I am SO excited! I will definitely post some pics from that. I have a black and white dress I am wearing with a blue belt :) Still not sure what shoes tho... hmm! I am making the game gifts and the favors to help out and I think I have thought up a really cute idea that will go with the theme! I'll get some more details and photos up the closer we get!

My husband also finished the crown molding in the nursery so his room really is almost totally done now! So exciting! I can't wait to do a nursery tour and show it off :)

Think that's all for now! Doc Apt on Tues and an ultrasound on Thurs this week! So I'm sure there will be more to report on week 32!