Wednesday, April 30, 2014

2 months old! (4.23.14)

I can't believe another month has passed! 2 months!!!

He has grown and changed so much! He is SMILING all the time now! Especially when he is on his changing table.. he just will look up at you and smile away! He also smiles a lot in his little rock n play sleeper! It's so fun to smile and talk to him and have him smile back.. sometimes even giggle! That has been one of the cutest milestones this past month.. he is starting to laugh! I have only caught him a couple times.. once when I was singing a song I made up about buttons.. yeah.. hah. But it was sooooo adorable! He really is getting a little personality now!

He looks at things so much more now! He realllllly focuses on all the details and seems to be studying your face when he looks at you. He loves looking at the pictures that we have throughout the house. It helps calm him down to just walk around the house looking at everything! He also will turn his head and look at you if he hears you talking. He's just soooo much more alert now! He barely sleeps during the day!!

Speaking of sleep.. he sleeps soooo much better at night! He even has slept up to 6 hours at once!!! Normally it's about 5.. but 5 or 6 is great! It has really helped mommy :)

He just got his 2 month shots on Monday :( poor lil guy! It has disrupted his sleep a little bit.. and he has had a fever/been more fussy... but it's been 2 days now and I can tell he is doing much better!

Week 6-8 were TOUGH! He was a fussy lil guy!! I really hope that was just a "phase"... He has gotten a little better, but he had a cold around week 8 so that didn't help things! Luckily it was just a tiny bug and no fever... he just sounded very congested and had a tiny cough when he cried.

He is getting stronger! Starting to "stand" when you hold him up. He's also lifting his head around like crazy!

He also LOVES bath time! I MEAN LOVES!!!! He smiles and just lights up! We both look forward to that time of the night :)

I also just looooove the times when we "talk" to one another.. and smile back and forth. The little coos he makes are the sweetest little sounds... and his smiles just melt my heart! I love him so so much!

A part of me can't wait til he gets older.. while the other part of me wishes he would stay this small and precious for forever! Just trying to cherish these moments while they are here and look forward to future milestones!

Doc Apt Stats:
Weight - 12.8lbs
Height: 23.5 inches

Doc said he is looking very happy and healthy and is right on track!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

5 Weeks Old! (3.30.14)

5 weeks! He is getting so big! He's over 10 lbs! I know that is still "small"... but he is just growing and growing before my eyes! I love when he tries to make "coo" noises.. he is really trying to communicate! It is beyond adorable! I love this lil guy SO much.. even if he does keep me up all night sometimes :0p... so WORTH IT!

He is doing great! :) He has been a little fussier this week.. I think it's gas! Oh how fun to be a baby right?! BUT he also gave me his first "social" non-gassy smile this week! @ least I think it was :) (on 3/28) I had been making funny faces at him and he was very alert and watching me closely.. all of a sudden cracked open the biiiiigest smile :) It melted my heart!!!!!

I don't think I will post evvvvvvery week, but definitely every month and I also want to try and document any big milestones on here too :)


Just loving this lil guy!!