Monday, August 25, 2014

6 Months Old! 1/2 a year! 08.23.14

1/2 a year old! I can't believe how fast he is growing up!
I gotta say though, I am looooving this age.. he is so cute and fun!

The past month he has really mastered rolling all over the place! He will also scoot and roll to get around on the floor or to get to certain toys that he wants. He also will look at his binkie now.. grab it.. and successfully put it in his mouth! Sometimes he still puts it in backwards haha and he will chew away on it. Speaking of chewing.. he is teething like crazy! He had a tooth pop out a couple weeks ago, but now the gums are hiding it! I'm sure teeth will be coming in soon! He LOVES the frozen teething ring and will hold it himself.. it's too cute!

He loves when you say "boing" and hop his toys up and down and make them fly around..
I also distract him by singing a pretty snazzy version of the ABCs.. he will learn those quickly!
He is getting really good at standing and sitting up (with support of course!)
He loves jumping in his jumper and we all still go on a nightly walk to the park.. he loves watching our dog bella run around and do tricks.. sometimes he will start cracking up!

I've started FINALLY putting him on a stricter schedule.. We are trying the sleep eat play.. and so far so good! I have read his signals when it came to naps etc.. and we had a loose schedule, but now we are trying to really get more of a real schedule going in hopes that it will help him sleep better at night.

Yeeeahhhh still not sleeping through the night.. I used to feed him throughout the night whenever he wanted.. and now we are doing night feedings every 3+ hours. He has been fine with the change.. but he keeps rolling over and knocking out his binkie which wakes him up. It's so hard for him to get back down.. he gets himself all worked up! It's getting a little better each night, but not much sleep for me! I know that one day I will sleep again.. right? :-p It was so much worse.. he was up every hour for a few weeks.. Every 3 hours is much much better... we are getting there.. just takes time!

We also started SOLIDS! We started at exactly 6 months.. and made him butternut squash. We held up a squash and a sweet potato and let him pick. He reached for the squash.. decision made! It was SO easy to make baby food.. and I am so excited to make all different types! He was such a good lil eater too! He was reaching for the spoon and most all the food actually made it in his mouth hah. We are starting off small.. just once a day (2 table spoons) and we will up it from there!

OH and how could I forget??!!! He said MAMA! hah.. I don't think he knows what he is saying haha but I still love to hear it :) He also will babble na na.. those are his two favorites at the moment!