Sunday, March 16, 2014

3 Weeks Old! (03.16.14)

I can't believe my little baby is 3 weeks old today! These days are flying by!!! I am trying to enjoy each and every moment because I know they grow up so fast.. he already has grown and changed a lot since day 1!

He has a pediatrician appointment tomorrow morning so hopefully everything is looking good and he is healthy and growing! I really wanted my husband to make it to the 1st appointment, but sadly his 3 weeks of paternity leave are over and his first day back and work will be tomorrow :(... I can't believe he finally has to go back to work! These weeks having him here have been so helpful.. we will miss him so much while he's at work!!! We will adjust tho and be just fine :)

He has been eating A LOT lately.. it seems like he is never happy unless he's eating... growth spurt? I'm just trying to keep him content and keep the crying to a minimum! It's not as "hard" as it was the first week... when he would just cry and cry and nothing seemed to soothe him. I feel like we are learning his patterns and behaviors a little better.. and figuring him out! There are still moments where he will kick and punch and cry and look so unhappy, but with another feeding or changing or rocking he usually will calm down or fall asleep.

He has also been alert much more during the day. He will look around with his deep blue eyes (they may change I know!).. and make the cutest sounds as he wiggles and squirms about!

I also love the funny little "duck face" he makes after he finishes feeding. I pick him up to burp him and he makes this adorable lil face each time.. kissy face! It's the cutest thing in the world..

Kick kick kick squirm squirm squirm... little Noah is a worm! (just a random song I sing as he wiggles about! haha)

We also did a mini photoshoot this week with him! We decided to take our own photos since we got newborn shots taken at the hospital. I think some of them turned out really cute.. I'll put some below. You definitely need a lot of patience and time to take baby photos!!!

How is mommy?! I'm doing so much better. I feel almost totally back to normal! I am still tiiiiiiired... but thats to be expected! I love my lil baby for letting me get some 3 hour chunks of sleep! Those are the beeeest!!! :) I know it will get better and better!

I still can't believe we have a baby! What?!? and that he is almost 1 month old!!! It is SO hard for me to believe that a year ago we were still trying so hard to get pregnant.. and now he is HERE! I just love him so so soooo much.. he really is my everything and I feel so so lucky to be his mommy :)

Here are some photos from the past week..

Snuggles w/Mommy!

Going on a walk!!

Sun Bathing!

Scrabble Baby!!

Love how his hand wrapped around my thumb.... not how the photo was planned, but it makes it more special :)

I'll love you forever book..

Daddy loves his lil feet!

Stretch! Blankie time!

Resting in the shade..

Looking around in his swing!


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