Saturday, July 19, 2014

4 months old! (6.23.14)

4 months old!!!

Another month has passed and Noah is just changing so so much!

This past month he is still obsessed with his hands.. wants them in his mouth at all times! He is pretty good at finding his thumb and the past few days he has really been sucking on it. He's also drooling a toooon... and may be starting to teethe!

He is really holding his head up now and "talking" like craaaaaaaazy! Today he has been going on and on! It's so so cute.. I love all the little sounds he makes! He has a lot to say.. wish I knew what he was saying (but soon enough I know I will!)

He's almost out of his rock n play sleeper.. We are going to transition him to the pack-n-play this week! I'm still not ready for him to be in his crib since he isn't sleeping through the whole night. It's a lot easier having him right next to me for the middle of the night feedings. Plus let's be honest, I want him close to me too! He's only this small for so long! I am trying to enjoy every moment but it's already going by way too fast!

He's like a little person now and starting to have this lil personality... he's so cute!

Father's Day was fun! Since it was my husbands first I tried to make it special and wrote him a book about our lil family. We went to lunch with my Dad and family.. and then just had a family dinner with the 3 of us that evening. It was relaxing and fun! I think my husband had a good time with his lil boy! :)

Overall he has been a happy baby.. but he does have his freakout fits!!! He usually fights sleep.. why why why! as my husband jokes.. it's just not logical! :) He is waking up 1-2 times over the course of the night.. so not bad... I plan to put him on a better napping schedule to see if that helps!

He's just so smiley and sweet and we love him SO SO SO much!
Happy 4 months my sweet baby boy!

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