Friday, November 29, 2013

25 Weeks! (11.29.13)

The 3rd Trimester is quickly approaching! Just a few more weeks! Nothing much to report during week 25.  Lil baby had his "first" Thanksgiving haha.. was kicking up a storm after the meal!

As far as symptoms go... I've had some pretty bad heartburn this week! (not fun) I have also felt him hiccuping and he continues to be active daily (kicking and wiggling about!) Nothing too new and exciting tho! I have my 1 hour glucose test next week and I'm a bit nervous about that. I've heard this sugary drink is disgusting, but I'm also worried about gestational diabetes. Hopefully everything will alright, but either way it's out of my control at this point and I just need to stay positive and really follow the advice of my doctor.

The nursery is looking ADORABLE! I can't wait to do a nursery tour. It's been so so SO fun organizing and decorating everything. I am buying his diaper pail tomorrow because the washable liners I ordered on etsy came in the mail this afternoon and I of course have to set it all up now! The bedding is almost done and once my husband puts up the crown molding and I set up the bed then I will finally do a proper tour and post lots of fun pics on here. I'm really loving how it is all coming together :) I don't want him to come early... but at the same time I can't help but feel very anxious and excited!

Oooh.. I also am in the process of getting my baby shower invites ordered! I decided to get a custom order done because I am big on invitations and had something "in mind" hah. My mom and sister are throwing me my shower, but I do want to help with whatever they need (I kind of live for these kinds of things ;) haha). They said I could figure out invites, make favors, and put together gifts for the games, so I am looking forward to getting all of those goodies together! My shower won't be til the end of January, but it's only 2 months away and with the holidays and what not I really feel like time will fly by and it will be here before I know it. I'm really excited :) I feel so blessed and I am SO thankful they are throwing me this shower.. I know it will be so special!

Hmmmm, guess that's it for now! I'm a little late with the 25 week update, as I will be 26 weeks in a few days, but I wanted to get my update in for the week!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

24 Weeks! (11.19.13) Viability!

Another week down! This is the big "viability week 24".. If he was born now the odds of survival are better, but let's hope and pray he stays content in there for many many more weeks!!!

We are almost officially DONE with his nursery too! We just need to put in his bedding and put up crown molding! Everything else is all set up! Of course we still need things.. but I have decided to register for what we still need and I am slowly going to buy things off there as well til he arrives!

I'm getting more and more excited and can't help but peek inside his nursery at least a few times a day... :)

Nothing too new this past week... It has been a lot harder sleeping. He's pretty active at night, which doesn't bother me, but it is hard to get comfy! I keep switching from my left side to my right! My gums are also bleeding like crazy... one thing that has been driving me crazy lately! But, I really can't complain because overall I have been feeling great and it's been a relatively easy pregnancy compared to many! I actually love being pregnant.. theres something about it.. I just really am embracing the experience. There was a time when I really thought I would never have the chance to be pregnant, so now that I finally am I just really have to count my blessings and appreciate each moment!

I did make his mobile this week! I saw one online that I loooooved, but it was almost $100!! Yiikes! So, I decided to be my crafty self and make it myself! It ended up costing me only $10 in supplies and I think it turned out really sweet! Plus extra special right?! Made with Love?!

Thursday, November 14, 2013

23 Weeks! (23.2 -11/14/13)

Time is ticking away! I still can't believe he will be here in 4 short months! I finally covered his light switch plate today...

I think it turned out pretty cute! 

This is the same fabric we are using for a few other things in his nursery :) 
I am in love with the colors!

I had my 2nd part of the anatomy scan today. They couldn't see his heart well last time because of his position. Today he was also all snuggled up and not cooperating, but she thinks she finally got the right photos after some poking and me moving all around! All I can do is pray he is healthy and that I DON'T get any phone calls. I kinda hate the no news is usually good news tho. I kind of wish they would just tell me either way as soon as they know! Oh well, I guess it is out of my control... happy thoughts and wishes that everything is fine!

I had my check up right before my ultrasound appointment and my doctor told me he is measuring big! Maybe a tall baby?! She asked if my husband was tall.. He's 6'2.. I'm 5'7.. Not really "tall" or "short".
Guess time will tell! She also went to check his heart rate using the doppler and he immediately started kicking! He was not a fan! She laughed and asked if I could feel him move.. I sure could! 

It's amazing how much he has changed! He really has grown!
7 weeks -so small!!

23 weeks!

Milestone of the week?!
-I saw his movement from the outside this past week! He was really kicking and made my stomach wiggle a bit! He has been so active! I swear I felt him do a flip the other day as well! I love each and every movement :)

The nursery is coming along too! Here's a small sneak peak at part of it.. 
I can't wait to do a nursery tour! I will likely film a video and upload it to my YouTube channel, but I will also put some photos on here too! :) 

I find myself just walking in there to let things all sink in! I hope he likes it! I have really enjoyed decorating and setting it all up!

Monday, November 4, 2013

22 Weeks! (11.5.13)

I'm officially 22 weeks as of tomorrow, but I wanted to get this post up this morning!

Last night -22.5 weeks, my husband felt the baby kick for the first time! I had been so excited for this moment! :) We were just resting in bed and I felt the lil guy kicking a bit so I placed my husband's hand on my stomach. It took a few seconds and then he felt him kick twice! :) I know that the kicks and movements are going to get stronger and stronger, but it was so amazing to finally have him feel and experience it with me! Every kick just reassures me that he is doing fine and makes everything so real! Hard to believe in 4 short months that he will be here in our arms! Our lives are going to change, and I can't wait!

Nothing too new has been going on other than that. He wasn't moving as much this past weekend so of course I was worried, but I read that can be normal. He still had a lot of room and is still small enough where I won't always feel everything! 22 weeks marks the big ONE pound mark and now he is 11 inches long.. almost a foot! It's crazy to think how when I first found out that I was pregnant he was only the size of a poppy seed!

Time is flying by... and I know it will be so busy with the holidays ahead! I'm just trying to enjoy it as much as I can and really prepare and plan for what I can! His nursery is looking SO cute! We have it mostly set up, just need his bedding, changing pad, and a few more decorations for the wall. I have been trying to slowly stock up on things he will need and I think that will pay off later on when I am too big and tired to want to do any of it haha. The next thing we really need to start buying are his cloth diapers. We are going to be using Bum Genius Freetime diapers and only have 2 so far. I'd like to buy about 20/22 more!

Here is the baby blanket I made him! It was the first time I tried out this "chevron/wavy" pattern, and I LOVE how it turned out! The colors are perfect in his nursery! 

Penny and Lexi breaking in the new rug for the nursery! They like it! :)

I meant to post this pic back at 20 weeks, but better late than never!