Tuesday, May 13, 2014

First Mother's Day! 11 Weeks old! 5.11.14

Happy Mother's Day to all the wonderful mommies out there!

I had the most amazingly perfect day and I feel so lucky to finally be a mommy and celebrate my 1st mother's day with my lil baby!

My husband was pretty amazing and took diaper patrol all day... let me sleep in a bit... and spoiled me in so many ways! I got this adorable mom necklace that I had been wanting, a spa gift card, and a beautiful orchid (my favorite!) These were all such sweet gifts, but my favorite was the card that he and Noah made for me :) It was so adorable and creative and he even used Noah's hand to write out some pretty sweet things! I am so so sooooo lucky!

We ended up going out to breakfast (just the 3 of us) which was really fun! My sister came up to visit later in the day and we went and got pedicures, did some shopping, and enjoyed dinner and fro-yo (my FAV!) The night was spent snuggling baby and watching Disney movies. It was just perfect! Such a relaxing and fun day! It was really nice to get a little "me" pampering time and also get to spend time smiling and snuggling with my lil guy!

Feeling so lucky and loved and never will forget how great today was! Being a new mom has been so exciting and I feel so blessed to finally be a mom! It was quite a journey to get here... but so worth the wait! Love love LOVE being his mommy!!!

Woke up to this smiling face on Mother's Day morning!

LOVE him more!!