Monday, October 27, 2014

8 Months! (10.23.14)

8 months old today!!

Time is flying by.. I can't believe 8 months ago I first held this lil pumpkin in my arms and became a mommy! It has been so amazing…

This past month he has officially started to sit on his own without assistance.. altho he will still topple over so it's nice to have pillows around to catch him! He is also getting stronger and is up on his arms on his tummy a lot more now. He used to always roll to his back when he played, but now he actually holds himself up on his elbows and will play that way! He scoots a little bit.. but mainly rolls to get around. He is a champion roller! No crawling yet.. but that's ok! He is getting close… sticking his lil bootay up and getting up on his knees bouncing about.. He is starting to figure it out!! Baby proofing here were come!!!

He has been babbling a lot.. ma-ma, da-da, na-na, etc! I love when he talks! He also "sings" when I sing "Shake it off" by Taylor swift and bounce him around he starts smiling and singing along haha.. it's so so cute.. 
He LOVES bouncing.. when I take him up or down the stairs he just lights up! He also LOVES his big stuffed bear animals.. he giggles and laughs with such delight when he sees them! He is still chewing on everything and drooling.. but no teeth!!

He's tried apple, pear, zucchini, and green beans.. and altho he isn't a green bean fan, I can mix them with anything sweet and he will eat them! He still LOVES to eat.. and eats a LOT!! 

He loves reading with Daddy every night.. he looks at all the pictures and grabs at the books.. 

He is on a 2 nap schedule.. and has been going to be around 7:30… much earlier than he originally was.. so that has been nice! Still up a few times throughout the night.. some nights better than others!

Overall he's a happy lil guy with some cranky bits! :-p

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