Tuesday, April 1, 2014

5 Weeks Old! (3.30.14)

5 weeks! He is getting so big! He's over 10 lbs! I know that is still "small"... but he is just growing and growing before my eyes! I love when he tries to make "coo" noises.. he is really trying to communicate! It is beyond adorable! I love this lil guy SO much.. even if he does keep me up all night sometimes :0p... so WORTH IT!

He is doing great! :) He has been a little fussier this week.. I think it's gas! Oh how fun to be a baby right?! BUT he also gave me his first "social" non-gassy smile this week! @ least I think it was :) (on 3/28) I had been making funny faces at him and he was very alert and watching me closely.. all of a sudden cracked open the biiiiigest smile :) It melted my heart!!!!!

I don't think I will post evvvvvvery week, but definitely every month and I also want to try and document any big milestones on here too :)


Just loving this lil guy!! 

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