Wednesday, June 4, 2014

3 months old! (5.23.14)

3 months?! He's really growing and changing sooo quickly!

This month he has been OBSESSED with his hands. They are always in his mouth and he is always drooling all over the place! It's kinda cute to just see the bubbles and bubbles that form at his mouth hah. He is smiling all the time and actually laughing! He normally will giggle.. but sometimes we can get a good laugh outta him! He loves when I bark at him and when daddy turns away and then at him and says "what's goin on?!" He will just smile and laugh! He does get scared sometimes tho.. and will make the cutest pouty face! Sometimes when he is sleeping and hears a bark or a loud noise it will startle him and he will start to scream! 

He can see soooo much better now and really follows objects with his eyes. He is studying everything and loves to smile at mommy and himself in the mirror. He is also starting to really hold his head up on his own now. Every now and then he will lose control and plop it against your chest... but for the most part he is actually holding it up now! He also loves to sit up with you on your lap (such a big boy!)

Cloth diapering is going well! We have been using disposables when traveling... but love cloth! They are harder to get clean smelling tho since we have the hardest water.. but I am experimenting with different things!

We flew on an airplane to visit my in-laws and Noah did great! He basically slept the whole time! It sure is a lot harder flying with a baby tho... all the stuff!!!!

He is cooing a lot more too.. and really trying to talk! It's so so cute.. he makes the sweetest lil sounds! 

He is also grabbing the toys now on his play mat! He will grab a ring and hold on tightly.. and just swing the toy around. Today he even brought the toy to his mouth and started to chew on it! 

He tends to be super happy in the mornings and then will get very cranky and fussy in the evenings... but usually walking around outside will help to calm him down!

He also still LOVES bathtime.. I mean LOVES it!!!!!! It's so fun to watch him now kick and splash around a bit! He loves the warm water :) 

I love love LOVE him so much! He is the cutest and sweetest! :) Trying to enjoy each moment.. I know I will blink and one day he will be off to college! 

I really love seeing him grow and learn and do new things.. I'm excited for the future.. but at the same time want him to stay my sweet lil baby forever.. I'm sure that's a normal feeling :)

Some pics from the big month 3!

Loving his Grandma!

Such a cutie pie!

Grabbing his toy and bringing it to his mouth! yum?!

SO in LOVE with this handsome lil guy!!!!
Happy 3 months Noah!