Tuesday, October 22, 2013

20 Weeks! 1/2 way there! (10.22.13)

Wow, I can't believe it is the half way mark! 20 weeks today!

We had the big anatomy scan this morning! She confirmed that it is indeed a BOY :).. and we got several pictures to take home. I was a little disappointed that the photos weren't very clear, but it was amazing to see our lil baby again wiggling all around! He was playing with his feet, crossing his ankles, and opening his mouth up! It was too cute! Everything he does just amazes me already!!

His closet is getting very full now!! Thanks to generous friends and family we already have so much set up and ready for this lil guy. I can't wait to do a nursery tour and share some photos as well once it's more finished... but it is coming along! I know I'm a little too organized maybe for 20 weeks, but it feels good! I think there will be less stress in the end! I'm just so excited that I want to do everything and I want everything to be ready and "perfect"!

Symptoms 2nd trimester - I've had some nasty acne lately, which isn't too fun... AND I have been an emotional basket-case! I will start balling hysterically to the point of laughter for the most random reasons. My husband definitely gets a kick out of it! I just have no control over it! I really lose it haha. Other than that nothing much new going on!

Movement: He has been mooooooving so much lately! Today he was kicking and wiggling off and on all day! I love love love feeling him move! I get excited and actually look forward to the next time! It's such an amazing feeling! It really fills up my heart with so much love!

So this pregnancy is officially half way done! I hope the next half is as good to be as the first half has been. I can only pray and hope for a healthy delivery and baby in the end! I'm nervous, but so excited...

His baby book that I ordered arrived yesterday! :) It's adorable!!!

This is the bedding inspiration for his nursery! We ordered some of the fabric.. now I just need to figure out how to work my sewing machine :-p. I am SO in love with the colors!

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