Monday, November 4, 2013

22 Weeks! (11.5.13)

I'm officially 22 weeks as of tomorrow, but I wanted to get this post up this morning!

Last night -22.5 weeks, my husband felt the baby kick for the first time! I had been so excited for this moment! :) We were just resting in bed and I felt the lil guy kicking a bit so I placed my husband's hand on my stomach. It took a few seconds and then he felt him kick twice! :) I know that the kicks and movements are going to get stronger and stronger, but it was so amazing to finally have him feel and experience it with me! Every kick just reassures me that he is doing fine and makes everything so real! Hard to believe in 4 short months that he will be here in our arms! Our lives are going to change, and I can't wait!

Nothing too new has been going on other than that. He wasn't moving as much this past weekend so of course I was worried, but I read that can be normal. He still had a lot of room and is still small enough where I won't always feel everything! 22 weeks marks the big ONE pound mark and now he is 11 inches long.. almost a foot! It's crazy to think how when I first found out that I was pregnant he was only the size of a poppy seed!

Time is flying by... and I know it will be so busy with the holidays ahead! I'm just trying to enjoy it as much as I can and really prepare and plan for what I can! His nursery is looking SO cute! We have it mostly set up, just need his bedding, changing pad, and a few more decorations for the wall. I have been trying to slowly stock up on things he will need and I think that will pay off later on when I am too big and tired to want to do any of it haha. The next thing we really need to start buying are his cloth diapers. We are going to be using Bum Genius Freetime diapers and only have 2 so far. I'd like to buy about 20/22 more!

Here is the baby blanket I made him! It was the first time I tried out this "chevron/wavy" pattern, and I LOVE how it turned out! The colors are perfect in his nursery! 

Penny and Lexi breaking in the new rug for the nursery! They like it! :)

I meant to post this pic back at 20 weeks, but better late than never! 


  1. Congrats! Just a tip, you shouldn't build an entire stash of cloth diapers with just a single style/brand until you know what wiill work for you and fit your baby. Also, all-in-ones are notorious for taking ages to dry and shouldn't be thrown in the dryer. I'm a pocket diaper fan myself in part bc the inserts can be put in the dryer when I'm in a hurry.

    1. Thank u! U are very right! :) I will defin try others if these dont work... I have just heard such great things! We will be using disposables at the very beginning as we transition to cloth so I will be able to test them out and see how they work out! If not so good... then I can return them and try other styles too! :) I really want to keep it to one type for simplicity tho.. so as long as it works, we will be using all in ones. Luckily we live in a warm climate so drying should be ok.. but I will prob need extras on hand!! :) Thanks for the advice! I will defin wait and not buy all of them til he's here :)