Tuesday, October 15, 2013

19 Weeks! 10.15.13 + We have a NAME!!

Today is the 19 week mark!! Crazy to think the pregnancy is almost 1/2 way through! I am so excited tho and have really been trying to enjoy each day :)

I had another Doc appointment today and everything looked fine! His heartbeat was beating away and sounded good! 

My doctor didn't spend much time looking at him.. it looked like he was sleeping (I felt him moving like crazy a few hours later when I was crocheting his baby blanket!). She took a couple photos for me.. but they were pretty blurry! In one he was crossing his legs.. and the other he had his elbow bent up and his hand resting on his forehead. The big 20 week anatomy scan is next week, so she said we'd get some good pictures then! I just hope and pray that everything looks good and that he's a healthy lil guy! I already love him so much!!

My husband and I have had the name pretty much decided for awhile now... we really liked 2 names for boy. We decided on...

:) We both love the name Noah.. and it just feels right! It is so special to call him by name! We really can't wait to meet him!

Bleh, I got the flu shot today... I normally don't get them, but my Doc really recommended it since being pregnant does weaken your immune system. Plus I work with kids who are full of germs, so I decided to get it. I am so tired now.. I may just have to nap! Wish it was cooler around here, it is still in the 80's!! Where is Fall???!!?

Guess that's all I really have to update for 19 weeks! :)

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