Thursday, February 6, 2014

35 WEEKS down, 35 DAYS to go! (2.4.14)

Almost full term!

These weekly updates are less exciting because nothing new is really going on! I'm just getting bigger and feeling SO ready to have this baby already!

I know everyone means well when they say get sleep now! ...but it really doesnt work like that anyway! You can't save up on sleep.. I guess you can try and enjoy it more now? But at this point I don't enjoy it now anyway! He's kicking me so hard up in my ribs and I'm waking up to pee.. etc! No more nights of peaceful sleep for me anyway! haha.. I know it will just get 100000x worse, but it will all be worth it to finally have him in my arms.

I am getting more and more antsy, can you tell?! Time is still going by pretty quickly for me... but maybe not quickly enough haha. I washed all of his cloth diapers and put them away yesterday, which was exciting. It's nice to see everything "ready-ish"?! I'm almost done! I feel organized and ready, but at the same time not at all because we have so many projects around the house to do, and we really need to CLEAN!

Gahhh another contraction as I type this update! I know that these practice ones will be NOTHING in comparison to the REAL deal, but they sure do take my breath away and are getting more and more uncomfy! I think he is still head down (HOPE!) because I feel kicks very high up in my ribs which has been interesting.....  I also feel hiccups very very low!

I have 4 doctors apts next week.. MTWF.. Monday is a growth ultrasound and Wednesday is my actual  OBGYN apt where she will review the results. I pray he is growing and looking healthy!

Guess that's all for this week! 35 weeks down, 35 days to go!!

Penny is loving the new baby gear!

Caught Izzy in the crib this morning! I knew she was sneaking in the nursery!!
Don't worry, bedding will be rewashed and she won't be allowed in the crib when he actually is using it!

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