Thursday, February 6, 2014

Baby Shower! 1.26.14

My Baby Shower was AMAZING!! It was so perfect and beautiful! I loved every second! My mom and my sister did such a great job throwing it... it really took my breath away and brought tears to my eyes!

The theme was hot air balloons w/animals (gotta have animals for a "Noah" right!?) I loved the idea of having animals in the hot air balloons... so when I had my invitations designed I had this done! I chose hot air balloons because that is where my husband proposed and we had also used some in our wedding decor (it just made sense!) Now a baby.. so add some cute animals and wa-la! instant cuteness!

I was the one to get the invitations and make all the prizes and favors, which I loved! I have some videos on my YouTube Channel -QponFairy of the different things I made, mainly using products from my stockpile! But that was all I did..because I HAD to be involved (the party planning lover in me just HAD to do things haha, so they were kind enough to give me some jobs)... everything else was a total surprise.. from the food to the games to the decorations! It was such a special day! I will forever cherish the memories! They did SO much work and spent SO much time! They really put a lot of love into this shower and it really meant the world to me!

Noah is one verrrrrrrry lucky and blessed little boy already! There was so much love! It was so great to see all my family and friends and to be able to celebrate this miracle!

The most AMAZING spinach & artichoke dip (one of my favs) and look @ the adorable little waffle bowls for the fruit! Plus the confetti actually says his name.. NOAH! 

Here are the favors and displays I made for guests to take as they left! Little jars with assorted blue candies and a blue oreo popcorn ball on top as the "balloon". We all jokingly called them blue cheese balls because that's kind how they looked -and boy was it a challenge to get them to stick up straight! 

The crown I wore as I opened my gifts! 

How cute is this toy?!

My friend made me this diaper cake! Isn't is ADORABLE! I wanted to set it up in the nursery, but it fell apart transporting it back home. Guess it is supposed to be used right?! Its sooooo cute! She was so so sweet to make this for me! XOXO

Diaper Jokes! I still haven't peeked at these yet....

Baby clothes were displayed all over the house! I love how they color coordinated them :)

Entry way decorations!

Our "Guestbook"! LOVE!!! I already have a window frame to have this displayed in his nursery!

More adorable decorations! 

Hot air balloon cuteness everywhere!!

Cupcake liners and "Noah" confetti!!!!

Cupcake edible frosting! So cute!

Punch w/lil duckies!!! It was soooo good!

Hot air balloon prizes for the games :)

More adorable baby clothes!

PERFECT SHOWER... in every way!!
Feeling SO loved!


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