Friday, January 31, 2014

34 Weeks Pregnant! (1.28.14)

24 weeks! 6 more to go! CRAZY! I thought it would slow down this final trimester but it has really flown by! (I'm sure the last few weeks will be the slowest tho haha)

Not much to report in terms of symptoms.. more of the same! Braxton Hicks contractions have become more uncomfortable -they take my breath away! I've been feeling tiiiiired and sore and just BIG!

There is some GOOD news this week.. baby Noah is no longer BREECH! He is head down! :) I was shocked! week 34 was the magical week I guess! I have been noticing a lot more movement but I didn't think he turned! I know there is still plenty of time for him to turn again, but I have my fingers crossed he will stay head down! It's reassuring to know he can at least get into the right position :)

I started NST (non stress testing) this week, where they check amniotic fluid (which was good) and also monitor the baby and me (heart rates, movement, etc.) It was a little nerve wracking at first because I didn't know what to expect being all hooked up (pulse, blood pressure, and 2 machines on my belly), but it's easy. I go in twice a week to be monitored and I have to push a button every time I feel him move. It's fascinating to hear his lil heart beat going and getting faster with each movement I feel! So far everything has been looking great! Hoping it stays this way! My blood pressure has also been good, which is a relief!! That was the main reason I am in all this high risk testing... just in case! It's reassuring to me to know he is doing well, so I can't complain about the extra trips to see the doctor! 

I have another growth ultrasound scheduled for Feb 10th and my 36 week check up with my doctor on the 12th so she can review the results with me! Til them just more NST (2x a week)

His nursery is ALMOST done! I just want to organize and set up a couple more things and then I will have some photos and a tour that I will likely post on my YouTube channel. 

I also had my baby shower this past weekend and it was AMAZING! I will write up a separate post and include some pictures!

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