Thursday, February 13, 2014

36 Weeks! (2.11.14)

We have hit the final stretch! ONE month to go! Give or take of course!

I did have an appointment with my doctor yesterday and everything is looking good! She did say that I may need to be induced (March 6th OR 11th) just depending on how my blood pressures are looking. Since I am higher risk she said she wouldn't want me to go past my due date (which is the 11th) SO... it's looking like he will be here for sure by then! :) I can't wait!!!! If he decides to come sooner than that is all up to him! I am ready! :)

Apparently I haven't really progressed and he is still high up (kicking my ribs OUCH! it really hurts!)... so time will tell. I know since this is the first baby that it normally takes longer! I'm very excited tho... and can only hope and pray everything goes as smoothly as possible!

The nursery is FINALLY DONE! I will be taking pictures and getting a nursery tour video up hopefully by the weekend. It has turned out soooo adorable! Cuter than I had even imagined :) LOVE it!

I've been trying to get the rest of the house as clean and organized as I can! I am so big now and it is so hard to do the simplest things, so I really need my husbands help with a lot! Luckily he has been working on the to-do lists that I have thought up and been a big help! We still have a lot to accomplish, but we are getting there day by day! Today I sterilized and washed all the bottles/nipples and just finished organizing and putting away some baby things to help get ready.

I'm excited because my mom is coming up to visit me soon and maybe I can get her to help me make some more freezer meals so we will be all stocked up and ready! We are also planning on walking around and doing some shopping.. and of course getting my FAVORITE.. frozen yogurt! It has been my biggest craving by far! It should be fun to hang out and just relax a little bit! :)

My husband and I are also going on a mini baby moon trip soon! Can't wait! It will be so nice just to get away for an evening and have one last romantic trip before baby arrives!

I've been feeling pretty good.. just tiiiired! Also sore.. and I have been waddling around. Not sleeping much because he is kicking SO much and SO high! It really does hurt now.. he has gotten strong in there!! My last growth ultrasound showed that he weighs approx 6.65ish lbs? Crazy! I still can't believe something.. someONE has grown so much. He is almost ready to meet the world! I can't wait!! Have I mentioned that??? :)

Here are a few photos from the past week or so!

Belly shot from last week!!

Baby Shower Shadow box I put together to hang in his nursery!

Penny got all snuggled up on his changing pad.. guess she wants a diaper change!?

She knows someONE is in there!

Also loving his crib! She is excited!! :)

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