Monday, February 17, 2014

37 Weeks! (2.18.14)

37 weeks! Full term... kind of?!

I know the definition used to be that 37 weeks was full term and now it has been pushed back to 39 weeks? But regardless.. being 37 weeks feels SO good! I feel like he is basically ready to arrive at any moment he chooses! I have a feeling he will need some convincing... possibly will need an induction, but I can't wait when he does decide to arrive!!!! :) SO SOON now!! I thought that the pregnancy would really drag along the last few weeks, but it really hasn't! I am in shock that another week is over and we are another week closer to meeting our lil miracle :)

I am finally posting my nursery tour later this evening.. everything really turned out so cute! I'm excited to share photos and details in my next post!

He has been SOOOOO active lately! Especially today! It feels like he is trying to jump out of my stomach! I keep telling him he can come out now and meet us officially! :-p

Nothing else new this week.. just sore and still finding it a challenge to get comfy and get enough sleep! Just really trying to take it easy, get things organized/cleaned/ready for him, and to wait as patiently as I can :)

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