Sunday, January 12, 2014

31 Weeks! (1.7.14)

Another week down! Nothing too new this week.. we did have our first baby class this weekend at the hospital. This class is an express 6 hour class and Saturday was day 1 of 2. We basically learned all about breast feeding and a little bit on infant care. Since this will be our first baby and we really don't have much baby experience we figured it was important to do these classes and get educated!

I've also been noticing braxton hicks contractions more lately. Now I know what they are! I've had them past weeks but didn't really realize what they were til now if that makes any sense. It's so weird to feel my whole stomach tighten up! I always get nervous it is preterm labor, but there is never pain... just sort of uncomfortable... and they are very random.

I can't believe my baby shower is 2 weeks from today! I am SO excited! I will definitely post some pics from that. I have a black and white dress I am wearing with a blue belt :) Still not sure what shoes tho... hmm! I am making the game gifts and the favors to help out and I think I have thought up a really cute idea that will go with the theme! I'll get some more details and photos up the closer we get!

My husband also finished the crown molding in the nursery so his room really is almost totally done now! So exciting! I can't wait to do a nursery tour and show it off :)

Think that's all for now! Doc Apt on Tues and an ultrasound on Thurs this week! So I'm sure there will be more to report on week 32!


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