Tuesday, January 14, 2014

32 Weeks! (1.14.14)

Had another check up today... everything was looking good! He was measuring 34 weeks with the tape measurement, but I have another growth ultrasound scheduled for Thursday just to keep an eye on his progress! Last time he was right on track, so you never know I guess!

Not a ton to report.. slower week, but I hope to get up some pics soon of the shower favors! I spent a lot of time on them today and I think they are going to turn our really cute! I love little crafty projects like this :)

I also received a few more cloth diapers that I ordered in the mail today! Always exciting! I think we are up to 11 diapers now.. I want to try and get at least 24, so we still have more to get, but making progress! Excited to use them! They are so cute! :)


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