Monday, December 30, 2013

29 and 30 Weeks!!! (12.31.13)

Tomorrow I will be 30 WEEKS! I have been so busy with the holidays and I can't seem to knock this annoying cold! Grrr! I thought it was almost gone and now my throat is SO sore again! Sigh! Can I just feel healthy again please!?

The past couple weeks symptom wise have been more of the same. I am just really getting uncomfy and sore! It's getting hard to get up, sit down, and especially roll over from side to side when I am sleeping. I feel like I am all bruised up! I know this is all going to get worse... still 10 more weeks to go!

Lil baby Noah is breech right now.. his head is up by my ribs and he decided to give me a few good punches last night so I am a tad sore there too! It's the low kicks that really get me tho! I still love feeling him move tho, so I really can't complain tooooo much :)

We had our 3-D ultrasound at the very end of week 28.. and wow! I am so amazed by what they can see!! He is SOOOOOO cute! Of course I will think this.. but really... he is :)
Such a lil button nose and his little lips! I love love love him so much! I can't wait to meet him!

I'll put a few pics in @ the end! It was hard to get good pics because he was using the placenta as a pillow... AND he was all curled up like a taco! My little rollie-pollie! His feet were up near his face and he even had his fingers and toes in his mouth at the same time! He gave us a few yawns and stretches, but always would go back to his same cozy position! It was amazing to see him... I had the biggest smile on my face the entire ultrasound! I love having the photos and video to watch over and over! It is something I will 4ever cherish! Best Christmas gift EVER!

I heard from my doctor and he is measuring just fine! 59% for weight.. she said he is right on track! I have another appointment tomo, so we will see what else she says!

We start all our baby and birthing classes in January! We are booked basically every weekend with one class or another! I'm excited tho! Eager to learn :)

Hmmm.. Oh yes! We also had our maternity photo shoot! We went to the gardens where we got married and did the photos there! One of my best friends from elementary school is a photographer and she took them for us. I've seen a few so far and LOVE them! :)
Here is one from our 4-D Scan! His sweet lil face.. and there's his foot @ the bottom! 

Getting bigger and bigger by the second!!!

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