Monday, December 16, 2013

28 Weeks! (12.17.13)

And another week down! Today I actually have my growth scan, which I will update about! I am praying that he is looking good and maybe not measuring SOOOO big! Guess we will see... not much I can really do! I just need to focus on being healthy and hanging in there!

Unfortunately a few days ago I started coming down with a cold. I was just feeling "off" on Friday and pretty much slept all day and just lounged around. I felt like I was back in the 1st trimester! Then the sore throat started and the runny nose and BAM.. sick :*(

Now its a headache, stuffy nose, and pretty nasty rough cough. I just pray it passes in the next few days before the holiday fun really begins! It is never fun to be sick, but its 10000X worse when your pregnant too! Bleeeeh! I am just going to try and rest and drink lots of fluids and if it doesn't get better I can see the Doc. 

Exciting news... we are going to get a 4-D ultrasound this FRIDAY! :) I will be well into week 28... and I think she recommended 25-33? Something around that range anyway! We decided to get one done because they are having a holiday special at this ultrasound facility and I really want my husband to get to see the baby in this type of setting. I think 3-D photos can be crazy looking sometimes, but I think it will still be neat to just get a peek and get another chance to see him moving around in there! My husband has been to 2 ultrasounds with me (NT scan and the Anatomy scan), but it was so hard to see the screen and they were really quick! When I went to the elective ultrasound place to determine the gender I had such a positive experience and I really wanted us to share that again together. So, for a x-mas gift to one another we decided to go in and take a 4-D peek at our baby boy one time before we will meet him in March! I'm excited! It's so relaxing... a huge screen... lot's of photos and even a video to take home... can't wait! We figured it would be fun to share the video/pics with family for the holidays too, so that's the plan!

Baby has been mooooooooving and dancing! Yesterday it was off and on ALL day! My husband also saw the movement from the outside yesterday. "Woah, it's like a spasm!" hah. I've seen this little tummy jolts for weeks now, but its hard to catch them sometimes. Whenever he starts up, I get my camera out and he stops. I swear he knows I am filming!! Stubborn lil guy :) I also have experienced the full on rolling feeling more now.. I can really differentiate between kicks/jabs and full on body movement! Everything has just gotten stronger!

Guess I'll leave this week there.. but I'll include a few photos below! :)

Penny and the belly bump! She has been very snuggly lately.. prob due to the cold :)

Bump! 3 months to go!!

Ultrasound went well... of course the tech couldn't tell me anything, but I did get a couple new cute pics! It was nice to see him again :)

Little Face!

High Five!!!!! :)

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