Wednesday, December 4, 2013

26 Weeks! (12.5.13)

Last week of the 2nd Trimester! CrAAAAzy!

It is so hard for me to believe that it is December and only a few more months and our little miracle will be here! I can only pray and hope that everything continues to go smoothly as it has the past 6 months.

I have another appointment with the doctor tomorrow, so I will update any details from that... I have my glucose test :-/... super nervous about it too. I'm nervous that this sweet drink is going to be as gross as I read about haha. I'm more nervous that I won't pass tho :(... So fingers crossed! It will be interesting to see if he is still measuring "big" tomorrow. I didn't ask how big last time for some reason... so I will be sure to tomorrow. My mom told me that my sister and I had both measured big at checkups, so that calmed my nerves a little. I just hope he is healthy and doing well in there!

Penny, our cat, was sleeping on my belly...using my stomach as a pillow and he started to kick. She felt it, but wasn't too startled, but opened her eyes a bit like she was annoyed hah. She NEVER sleeps in my lap and I'd love to think it was because of the baby, but I know its just because it has been so COLD lately. Ok ok... cold for here... not really cold at all haha.

I'll update more tomorrow if I have any news. Hoping all goes well as always!!


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