Monday, December 9, 2013

27 Weeks! (12.9.13)

Tomorrow I am officially 27 WEEKS! Hello 3rd.. yes THIRD trimester! WOW!

I had a checkup last Thursday at 26 weeks and everything was looking good. Doctor said his heart ultrasound rescans came back normal and that everything looked good (phew!). She went to measure him and sure enough... still measuring BIG.. I did ask this time and she said 30 weeks. Now it could be his position... he could be a big boy... or could be gestational diabetes. I of course was worried about option #3 and she had me do my 1 hour glucose test that morning. I've had a "high risk" pregnancy due to my slightly higher blood pressure and she told me normally they worry about a smaller baby with the higher bp, but apparently this is not the case in this situation!

I got my results later that evening.. and I PASSED! YAY! I think my level was 88 and you need under 130? I was shocked. I have another ultrasound in a week to check his growth, but he's sounding big.. or  again could just be laying in a weird way. We will see!

I had heard the glucose drink was so gross... so I was nervous, but you know in my opinion it really wasn't bad. I had the fruit punch flavor and it just tasted like a thicker more syrupy version of fruit punch. It didn't make me feel sick at all... but baby sure was on a sugar high most of the day and was kicking up a storm!

I can't believe in 3 months he will be here! I can't believe I am in the 3rd trimester. I know things will likely slow down the closer I get, but I am still so so excited :)

I also think I picked out what I am going to wear for my maternity photos!

I found this adorable top from Ross (made by Sassy Maternity?) 
I think I am going to pair it with a black tie instead of the paler pink that it comes with... since I am having a boy. But I love the way it fits and I thought it would be cute and casual with black leggings and black cozy boots. I originally thought I wanted to wear a dress, but it will be colder and I just love how it looks on! Hopefully it will still fit the same in a few more weeks! 

Guess that's all to update on for now! Hoping that the last 1/3 of this pregnancy goes by smoothly! XOXO

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