Thursday, November 14, 2013

23 Weeks! (23.2 -11/14/13)

Time is ticking away! I still can't believe he will be here in 4 short months! I finally covered his light switch plate today...

I think it turned out pretty cute! 

This is the same fabric we are using for a few other things in his nursery :) 
I am in love with the colors!

I had my 2nd part of the anatomy scan today. They couldn't see his heart well last time because of his position. Today he was also all snuggled up and not cooperating, but she thinks she finally got the right photos after some poking and me moving all around! All I can do is pray he is healthy and that I DON'T get any phone calls. I kinda hate the no news is usually good news tho. I kind of wish they would just tell me either way as soon as they know! Oh well, I guess it is out of my control... happy thoughts and wishes that everything is fine!

I had my check up right before my ultrasound appointment and my doctor told me he is measuring big! Maybe a tall baby?! She asked if my husband was tall.. He's 6'2.. I'm 5'7.. Not really "tall" or "short".
Guess time will tell! She also went to check his heart rate using the doppler and he immediately started kicking! He was not a fan! She laughed and asked if I could feel him move.. I sure could! 

It's amazing how much he has changed! He really has grown!
7 weeks -so small!!

23 weeks!

Milestone of the week?!
-I saw his movement from the outside this past week! He was really kicking and made my stomach wiggle a bit! He has been so active! I swear I felt him do a flip the other day as well! I love each and every movement :)

The nursery is coming along too! Here's a small sneak peak at part of it.. 
I can't wait to do a nursery tour! I will likely film a video and upload it to my YouTube channel, but I will also put some photos on here too! :) 

I find myself just walking in there to let things all sink in! I hope he likes it! I have really enjoyed decorating and setting it all up!

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