Tuesday, November 19, 2013

24 Weeks! (11.19.13) Viability!

Another week down! This is the big "viability week 24".. If he was born now the odds of survival are better, but let's hope and pray he stays content in there for many many more weeks!!!

We are almost officially DONE with his nursery too! We just need to put in his bedding and put up crown molding! Everything else is all set up! Of course we still need things.. but I have decided to register for what we still need and I am slowly going to buy things off there as well til he arrives!

I'm getting more and more excited and can't help but peek inside his nursery at least a few times a day... :)

Nothing too new this past week... It has been a lot harder sleeping. He's pretty active at night, which doesn't bother me, but it is hard to get comfy! I keep switching from my left side to my right! My gums are also bleeding like crazy... one thing that has been driving me crazy lately! But, I really can't complain because overall I have been feeling great and it's been a relatively easy pregnancy compared to many! I actually love being pregnant.. theres something about it.. I just really am embracing the experience. There was a time when I really thought I would never have the chance to be pregnant, so now that I finally am I just really have to count my blessings and appreciate each moment!

I did make his mobile this week! I saw one online that I loooooved, but it was almost $100!! Yiikes! So, I decided to be my crafty self and make it myself! It ended up costing me only $10 in supplies and I think it turned out really sweet! Plus extra special right?! Made with Love?!

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