Monday, September 30, 2013

17 Week Ultrasound! Gender scan and more! (16 weeks, 6 days)

Hey guys!

Today I had a Doctor's appointment just to check in on things and see how the lil baby was doing! I was hoping to find out the gender...but sure enough he/she was being "shy" and my Doc couldn't tell! My husband had to work (important meetings) so I asked the Doc to just write down Boy or Girl on a slip of paper so I could take it home and we could find out at the same time. She thought this was such a sweet idea and turned the monitor away from me right away so I wouldn't be able to see anything (just in case!) But yeah... she couldn't tell! I was so bummed! I realllllly wanted to know! I thought by 17 weeks you could pretty much tell.. but if baby is being shy, then what can you do right?!

Well... I had a back up plan of course.. hah. I called an elective place that was about a 30 minute drive just to check their schedule. I had researched their website and it seemed like a great place! She said she had openings today so I figured ok, let's give this another shot. I had the day off of work anyway, so might as well. I read that drinking orange juice can sometimes help make baby more active, so I drank some about 30 minutes before my appointment. I arrived early and just waited in the parking lot. I started feeling craaaaazy movements! I knew it had to be the lil baby! :)

The ultrasound place was so nice! Very cozy and welcoming! They had a nice large bed to lay in which was very comfy and also soft music playing. There was a large projection screen which made it so easy to see the baby wiggle and move all around! It was so amazing! Usually ultrasounds at the Doc office are rushed and they don't spend much time explaining everything.. but this was such a different experience. She pointed out all the cute little features, I heard the heartbeat again, and let me tell you.. that OJ did the trick!! What a little wiggle worm!!! Baby even threw up two fingers in a "peace" sign! It was so precious to watch for 10 minutes.. and SO worth every penny of the $59. Not only did I get a DVD of the whole session, but also 4 photos and the gender secretly written inside an envelope!

It is SO hard not to peek inside that envelope.. let me tell you! (even tho I really feel its a boy!)
No, we have not opened the envelope yet! I know, crazy right?! We have a special trip planned out where we are going to open and find out together.. but not yet! Don't worry... I will update that when it happens :)

She found out the gender before letting me take a peek at the screen, and when we were looking at the baby she made sure not to go "south" hah.. so it really will be a surprise, which is what we wanted! Originally I kept worrying I would accidentally see something on the screen, but it all worked out and I couldn't be happier! Now it's a waiting game! Not for too much longer tho! Thank goodness!!!

Overall a really exciting day and a great experience! It was so amazing to feel the baby inside and see the movements on the screen at the same time! So crazy. Just makes it more real with each passing day!

Speaking of movement -Baby is wiggling right now as I type! Its crazy how much I feel movement now ever since hitting 17 weeks! I felt it a couple times this past week, but I wasn't 100% sure if it was baby or not. Now I know it is baby!! :) I love feeling the little taps from inside! It does sort of feel like a fluttering feeling that people describe! It's been going craaaaazy today! I guess I may not need to use my doppler as much to check on the baby if I can feel all this!

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