Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Walgreens Plan 6/3/12

Lot’s of exciting free items and RR deals this week!

*Brainstrong kids DHA Gummies (30ct) -$10, get back $10 in RR
Qpon ? -$4 off in a random store booklet? Mine don’t have any (Yet!)
Essentially = FREE or a $4 MONEY MAKER! 

*Goody Hair Accessories (clip or headband) -$2, get back $2 in RR
Essentially = FREE! 

*Pediasure  Sidekicks Nutrition Drinks -$10.99, submit for mail in rebate (form in the paper this weekend)
Qpon =several ones! Highest value =$3 printables
Essentially = FREE! (or a potential small MM)

*Omega Smart Product -$10, get back $10 in RR
Qpon = $3 Printable! (NLA)
Essentially = FREE or $3 MONEY MAKER!

*Wags Brand Lansoprazole (this is a prevacid generic item) (14ct) -$6, get back $6 in RR
Essentially = FREE! 

*Wags/Nice Candy (BOGO) @ 99 cents = 50 cents a bag!

*Cheap Reach toothbrushes or floss (as if we need anymore right?!) -$2.99, get back $2 in RR –see ad for exact styles and sizes!

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