Saturday, May 26, 2012

Rite Aid Breakdown 5/27/12

Now that I have reached Silver by spending $500 (before Qpons!), I get a 10% discount automatically... which totally threw me off this week! The deals should go perfectly if you are NOT silver or gold, otherwise it gets messy!!

(2) Biore Cleansers -$7.49
(2) Biore Strips -$7.99
(1) Tampax Radiant -$3.99

Qpons Used
(2) BOGO Biore (expire 5/31)
(1) $2 Tampax from a previous box

Got Back
$2 in UpRewards from Tampax
$5 in UpRewards from Biore
(didn't get another $5 UpReward since with my discount the total for all Biore was less than $30. The deal is spend $15 get back $5 which I was trying to do twice, but I spent under $30 with my discount. BOO! Might grab another, might not!)

Total OOP - will vary based on card status!

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