Friday, March 13, 2015

12 months...ONE YEAR OLD?! (2.23.15)

O.M.G. ....

How did this happen?! My baby is now a toddler.. *sniff*.. ok he will always be my baby, but it is crazy how fast this year has flown by! He is such a little boy now!!!

We celebrated by taking him on a little overnight trip to UCLA and  we took lots of photos and walked down memory lane! It was a really special trip that I will never forget.. I know he will.. BUT we have many photos and videos to remind him one day :)

We also threw him a big Bruin Bear UCLA birthday bash! It was a lot of fun and I really enjoyed decorating and planning for it over the past year. I think my favorite decorative  element was my 365 day photo wall where I actually had one photo every day of the whole year of him displayed! It was quite a project, but one I will always cherish. It's so neat to be able to see him grow and change so much day by day! What to do with all those photos now?! I decided to put them in an album so I can look back on them... I hope to be able to do the same thing for any future children if we are blessed to have more!

He is one lucky and very loved little guy.. it was so nice to see so many family and friends and to just enjoy good food and celebrate his milestone! We did do a cash smash.. but it was more of a calm low-kay eating of the frosting..

He is not walked yet.. but he has tried to take a step or 2 and then will plop down. He is such a fast crawler now though... and is cruising all around the couch and whatever other things he can climb up on! He is also babbling SO much now.. he has his own adorable language that I so wish I could understand.. it sounds like alien gibberish! He still says ma-ma and da-da.. DOE has been his new word.. whatever that means.. and he tries to say kitty and dog.. ALMOST! :)

He is eating more of what we eat now.. so that has been fun.. and I am weaning him from breastmilk so he has been enjoying whole organic milk over the past week. He LOVED menchies.. my favorite frozen yogurt chain.. and of course loved the frosting on his cake.. but those were special bday treats... so it's back to eating healthy! He has been getting pickier tho.. he always wants what mommy is eating if I am having something different haha.. He also didn't mind a lemon slice we gave him at a restaurant!!! SOUR! Crazy lil guy!

We are still cloth diapering when at home and it has been going great! I'm really proud that I stuck with it for over a year now.

He is such a spunky lil guy.. he has been dancing and singing so much this past month. I never noticed him realllllly start to get into dancing until recently.. he will wiggle his little booty or shimmy his shoulders to the music. He bobs his head and just smiles and laughs...

He still is loving touch and feel books, bathtime, his little people toys (has to have one in each hand and carry them everywhere!), music, and animals!

I'm just so proud of everything he does. He has brought us so much joy and so many laughs.. We feel so lucky and blessed to have him. I can't say that enough.. with all my heart I just LOVE him!!!

Here are a few pics from his b-day celebrations!! :)

2:34AM -he was actually up on his exact bday! :)

Digging his new bday shirt!


New Bday Bruin Hat!

Noah's First Bday Party! 3/1/15

Party Favors!

Our lil Family of 3!

Happy and on a sugar high after his bday cake!! (or frosting!)

365 day photo wall (part of it!)

Mommy and Noah

Cake Smash ROUND 2! :) He got the hang of it!

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